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Water Filtration Makes Water Healthy and Delicious

The quality and pureness of drinking water is different in every city, state and community. Drinking water in Florida is safe and appropriately treated so there are no contaminants that could hurt anyone. However, people from other parts of the country especially, often think our water smells and tastes strange.

Some people are sensitive to, or have concerns about, items commonly found in drinking water, like chlorine or certain minerals, so water filtration is preferred. With the high cost of purchasing bottled water for daily family consumption, a water purification system is recommended for Clearwater residents. It’s a solution that customers find quickly pays for itself.

Water filters remove undesirable contaminants and chemicals to make water fit for a particular purpose. Point-of-use filters are a popular and inexpensive way to have odor-free and taste- free drinking water at your fingertips. Do you need a comprehensive water purification system for your Clearwater home? Whole house systems will provide purified water throughout your home, and in Florida, it’s a must.

Reverse osmosis is another method of producing clear, healthy water and is generally a multi-step filter process, producing purified water. Water passes through an activated carbon filter to remove sediment. The water flows through a semi-permeable membrane to remove remaining dirt and particles. Finally, the water passes through another activated carbon filter to remove tastes and odors, creating tasty, clean water for your enjoyment.

Clearwater Plumbing can service and repair most makes of water conditioners, softeners, and water filtration systems including:

  1. North Star® Water Softeners
  2. North Star® Reverse Osmosis
  3. Everpure® Water Filters
  4. Aqua-Pure® Water Filters
  5. Rainshow’r® De-Chlorinating Shower Filters
  6. Fleck®

Florida Homes Need Water Softeners

The Florida water can also wreck costly havoc by leaving scale buildup and etching on fixtures, clogging appliances and making showering and doing the laundry frustrating. Water softeners remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium which create water hardness. These minerals hinder the lather-ability of soap products and produce a precipitate which clings to skin, clothes and fixtures. “Hard water” leaves scale deposits in your pipes and water heaters.

Many water softeners remove these minerals by using sodium or potassium to take the place of the hardness ions. Water softeners generally use a tank containing resin through which the water passes. The result is cleaner clothing, silky feeling skin and hair, scale-free plumbing, no bathtub ring or scale buildup on fixtures and longer appliance life. No more scrubbing with harsh products to remove scale and lime, and expect a welcome extension to the life of household appliances as well.

Salt-free conditioners physically change the minerals in the water to a state that resists adhering to surfaces and forming hard water scale. Additionally, over time, existing scale is removed from areas where the treated water flows. These no-salt systems protect your expensive water-using appliances and fixtures, improve water flow and allow your water heater to operate more efficiently. Salt-free water conditioners do not require a tank, do not use salt or chemicals, and is maintenance free. In addition, salt-free systems are environmentally friendly as no harmful contaminants are added to the environment, plus there’s no regeneration cycle which saves water.

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