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Combining the best of tankless and traditional tank water heaters create the perfect answer for Florida homeowners

Hybrid water heaters are a combination of the technology from a tankless and a traditional tank water heater system. Both traditional and tankless heat water from the bottom up, but not hybrid heaters. Hybrid water heaters use multiple tubing and fast moving water to heat the water more efficiently. These heaters also pull in heat from the air around them and transferring it to the storage tank.

Benefits of hybrid hot water heaters

There are a multitude of options when it comes to purchasing and installing a hybrid water heater. Some hybrid units are small and therefore cut down on the space needed, which is great for homes with small garages and limited inside space, as well as mobile homes. Hybrid water heaters have the benefit of perpetual hot water like a tankless water heaters, a higher rate of energy efficiency and, generally, hybrid water heaters have a low cost for system maintenance.

For Floridians, it can get extremely hot here in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay area. The good news is, hybrid water heaters function most efficiently in warm climates, by pulling heat out of the air. The warmer it is year- round, the better! Hybrid water heaters pull heat out of the air, so homeowners find their garage is often several degrees cooler than normal in the heat of the summer, as their hybrid water heater has recycled the hot air.

There are 2 types of hybrid water heaters:

  1. Gas Hybrid Water Heaters – Hybrid water heaters utilizing gas are capable of keeping water heated all the time, because of the storage tank. This prevents that pesky burst of icy cold water during the middle of your nice hot shower.
  2. Electric Hybrid Water Heaters –Electric hybrid water heaters are the most energy efficient water heaters available on the market. Another bonus is that this style of water heater will also help keep the humidity lower during the summertime. And anyone who lives in Florida can appreciate the value in that, making these a popular choice.

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